5 Signs Your Site Needs A Facelift

We get it, you put all this money and effort into a website and you want to ride it until the wheels fall off. Keep in mind that websites show age much like fashion and while bell-bottoms may make their way back into the mainstream, outdated content and technology do not. So then, what are the symptoms of needing a digital facelift?

1. Lack of Responsiveness – Your site does not fit on a mobile device without scrolling right and left. Sure, you can see your website on your phone, but it is not meant to be viewed that way. This problem is not only problematic for your viewers but for SEO as well. Google prioritizes websites that are responsive to being viewed across different device sizes. If your site falls into this category, run don’t walk for a digital facelift. It is the equivalent of having a gaping wound and needing stitches.

2. Outdated Information – Your copyright may be years behind but even worse is outdated data. With outdated data, you’re that company still wearing parachute pants and permed hair. Keeping a website fresh with recent information is very important for showing your customers that you are still in business and care to give them the most recent of information. Signs of outdated data are evident in things like outdated blog (should you even have one if you’re not keeping it up), old copyright, events section with old info, and more.

3. Vital Information in Images – If your current site has your address or phone number in an image, you need some minor surgery. Your customers can copy and paste that information into their address books if it were not embedded into a photo. Or perhaps they are on their mobile phone; phone numbers now link and can dial the phone directly.

4. Flash – No, we’re not talking about the super hero. Back in the day there was a program that allowed designers/developers to do really cool things, animated things on websites. But the times have changed. With new technologies come the shunning of older technology. Flash was great then but it is not natively supported by all the browsers due to past security issues and therefore your users often get a big grey box where your content should be. Would you hire a dancer with a broken leg?

5. Action Item-less – Your site should be clear on what you would like your viewers to do. Want them to call you? Your number should be clear and not buried in the contact page. Want them to buy a specific product?  Put that product front and center. This is minor cosmetic surgery but important for a fresh appearance none the less.

These are just some of the symptoms indicating your website needs some attention. Not sure if you fall into this category? Contact Us, we’ll do an assessment for free.

Featured Photo by Christian Gertenbach
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