The Most Awesome Site In The World

The World of Web changes every day. Requirements on design and development evolve and churn like an ocean tide. Heck, we remember the internet before mobile sites, mobile sites before responsive design, and responsive design… well, before the next big thing. So is it so unimaginable that most sites are bound to resemble one another these days?

A quick look through internet history shows a pattern of uniqueness and conformity whereas we are in an age of the latter for SEO purposes. Internet becomes publicly accessible, shows like The Simpsons use Flash (remember when this was cool) to build sites while the rest are working on code or a WYSIWYG like FrontPage (we know). Coders get more sophisticated, custom sites with database back-ends are being built and re-built. Open source comes along with some CMS systems like WordPress; install and voila, you have an instant site. The world goes mobile, sites go responsive and designers are now more aware of the bootstrap 12-column grid so programmers can neatly flow information from desktop to cell phone without recreating creating more code. OK yes, there are a ton of holes.. but it all leads down to website using a more uniform design structure both front and back end.

So when a client comes and says “my site needs to be the most awesome site in the world”, you can imagine our puzzled looks. What do you mean by awesome? Often we need to make sure we’re all on the same page and inevitably we get there.

What many people think makes a most awesome site:

  • It’s in their favorite color, most likely blue. No blame there. Been there done that.
  • It does really cool things like shares with Facebook and pulls in Twitter posts.
  • It has sliding and moving parts, sometimes even blinking.
  • It sets them apart from their competitors with images and a totally unique design.

What actually makes a most awesome site:

  • The viewer knows where to go to find information.
  • The viewer is led to an action like a shopping cart or form or interacting with you in some fashion.
  • The site precisely describes who you are, what you do and why.
  • You are set apart from your competitors because you have a great angle and most importantly awesome content.

There are many components to an awesome site starting with content and ending with a designer/developer paying attention to detail. With easy access to cell phone photos, video and contract writers, there is no reason a site couldn’t be uniquely you in a most logical and telling way that would make you proud to wear it like your badge.

Featured Photo by Sam Goodgame on Unsplash
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The Most Awesome Site